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Teaching & Learning

GVMS Priorities for SY 23/24

  Academic Goals Character Culture and Wellness
Multi-Year Impact Goals GVMS will meet Student Growth-CMAS and NWEA by demonstrating 53% or more of students have met their annual growth/achievement for at least 2 of the previous 3 years. GVMS will foster student leaders who exemplify the habits of a learner, while becoming prepared for high school and beyond.    GVMS staff/students will focus on enjoying the school experience.

2023-24 Performance Benchmarks

(WHAT we want to accomplish)


  • Protocol will be used to ensure all staff communicate with students' purpose and expectations of CMAS/NWEA achievement. 

  • CREW meet with each student

  • Students setting goals.

  • Continue to incentivize testing.

  • 95% participation testing goal

  • 0% invalid tests

Continue School wide PBIS process:

  • Reduce # of Office Referrals:

  • Improve attendance and tardiness.

  • Cardinal Claws:

  • Anonymous Student Survey results: Afternoon Assembly/CREW/CRISP

  • Develop Student Leadership by creating a StuCo and allowing students leadership opportunities. Ambassador program

  • Increased family engagement.

  • Bus Misconduct Plan

  • Executive Function classes

  • Small groups with Jenn

  • SEL CREW weekly

  • Trauma Informed


  • 100% of staff feel welcome, wanted, supported, and that their voice is heard.

  • 80% of students feel welcome, wanted, supported, and that their voice is heard.

  • Student attendance increases by;

  • Students missing assignments decrease by

  • Staff attendance increases by:

  • Staff not meeting ???

2023-2024 Implementation Priorities

(HOW we will go about accomplishing the WHAT)

School Systems Improvement:

  • All core staff will teach single content and have reduced preps.

  • All staff will be working with the ‘same’ end-of-year standards documents.

  • Simplified scoring and continuum

  • Letter Grades

  • Simplified Eligibility Process

  • Staff accountability



  • Staff BLT to meet weekly to lay out , implement, and monitor the staff wellness process. Use the book ‘Culturize’ to help guide discussions.


  • The Student Council will meet with building leadership to discuss and implement processes to improve student engagement and enjoyment. Activities, Dances, etc. as well as daily engagement.